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About M.A.D.

My Name is Kris Morgan and I'm a long time car modeler. I started casting Resin parts a few years ago as an extension to the Hobby that I have loved for so many years. Just casting parts I liked and using them in my own builds. I started doing some trading with my resin items and got alot of compliments and positive feedback. I had been wanting to start a home-based business and choosing resin casting was a natural choice. Those I would like to thank, my customers of course, it is truly an honor to have model builders trust their hard earned " Hobby Dollars " with us. However there are a few others I need to thank. Without these folks, I am not sure that I would be up and running. Jeff Ballard, Paul and Chris Plum and, Kevin Lutz for the technical advice, business advice, and motivation. Dan Blades and, Dave "Sully" Sullenberger for machine work. My Family for supporting me in the dream I have and, putting up with me.

Thank you all, Kris

Our Mission Statement. To produce top quality resin cast parts and, deliver them in a timely manner at a fair price. We will also work hard to keep our shipping costs to a minimum.

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